Wild Yaks Sing Like Fallen Angels

When the Wild Yaks played a recent show at Glasslands, tender testosterone emanated from the stage. I’d like to think they are the Lost Boys all grown up, what with lyrics about love and being “crazy but not afraid”. They sing masculine harmonies (the only acceptable kind) that resemble battle cries at the end of a bender. In a perfect world, this would be the boy band that the next generation’s teeny boppers would swoon over… the “The Bad Boy” (Robert Bryn), “The Shy One” (Martin Cartagena), “The Hearthrob” (Jose Aybar), and “The Baby Face” (Hunter Simpson) — you’re welcome, America.

The Takeaway: Wild Yaks have an amazingly unpretentious energy and put on an incredible live show.

WildYaks_Glasslands_Image1 WildYaks_Glasslands_Image2 WildYaks_Glasslands_Image3 WildYaks_Glasslands_Image4 WildYaks_Glasslands_Image5 WildYaks_Glasslands_Image6