The Teen Age “Sleep Alone” Is Addictive & Awesome Live

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The Teen Age is a yummy blend of bicoastal garage-pop, and they were rockin’ out hard for Little Racer’s EP release party at Baby’s All Right–so hard. Digo (vocals, guitar), Micah (guitar), Bill (bass), and John (drums)* have been busy! Impose Mag recently premiered their music video for the single “Sleep Alone” off their upcoming EP, Ways to Adapt, set to release June 3rd. The video (directed by Stephen Venezia & Dan Giraldo, produced by Meg Volk) beautifully captures unhealthy habits–*cough* alcohol and sex benders *cough*–that many 20s-somethings (and let’s face it, 30-somethings) are all too familiar with falling into. A simple, relatable concept, wonderfully shot, hauntingly lit, and not to mention, a stellar song that inspired it all–bravo, fellas.

*Has anyone else noticed that they do not mention their last names anywhere? Digo & Micah & Bill & John. I have this theory that it’s because they want to be one of those shirts.

And here is the highly addictive sonic-crack song performed live at Baby’s All Right.

For you third replay, (junkie,) check them out at Glasslands Apr 23 with Slonk Donkerson, Heeney & Bluffing. In the meantime, here’s The Teen Age performing “Break” at Baby’s All Right.

The Teen Age Photographed by Gustavo Ponce (Baby’s All Right, Apr 12, 2014)


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