The Adventures Of The Silver Spaceman

I’m not quite sure how to describe Brooklyn band The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman… certainly no better than frontman Zach Ellis puts it, as “the continuing story of a luminous ball of light,” but I’ll make an attempt. Although many of the songs can stand alone, — “When You Come Around” is a haunting composition that beautifully blends both melody and dissonance — the album Don’t Know Go is the kind you should listen to in one sitting.

Much like the title of the album, each song envelopes you in an almost hysterical way, leaving you giddy and a little confused, but grateful for the experience.  Within the layers of vocals, synths and guitar picking — reminiscent of an experimental Neil Young or lost Kinks track — “Pickin’ Up Sticks” exhibits an earnestness that sets it apart from the other nostalgic attempts currently happening in the Brooklyn music scene.

“Wild Wolf” is another example of this ‘earnest nostalgia’. The song starts off deceptively simplistic as a powerful drum beat creeps in resonating a raw sense of anguish and frustration that is timeless, ending with the line “I’m going blind while learning how to see.”

Within this conflict, chaos, mixture of folk and garage rock that is Don’t Know Go, there is soul. Suffice to say, I am looking forward to the next adventure of the Silver Spaceman. Stream more songs on their bandcamp and like their facebook to find out when they play next.

AdventuresOfSilverSpaceman-1 AdventuresOfSilverSpaceman-2 AdventuresOfSilverSpaceman-3 AdventuresOfSilverSpaceman-4 AdventuresOfSilverSpaceman-5 AdventuresOfSilverSpaceman-6The Adventures of The Silver Spaceman May 26, 2013 playing a show curated by Kramer Presents at Muchmore’s.