Rub-a-dub Blood


Hey Dana,

I was getting together some stuff for launching Pretext and I stumbled across the photos Cameron shot of us doing the blood tub scene…


I miss you :(. I wish you weren’t away for a month, but since you are, mind if I interview you about the blood tub stuff to go along with the photos? Miss you and hope you’re well in whatever European country your currently at for the moment!

xo Jess

Hey Boo!

Sorry it’s taken me a bit to respond to this. I don’t have data on my phone and I have only had wifi while at restaurants or certain shops around town. I just now got to a hotel with unlimited wifi. :/ That picture is hilarious! It makes me miss you even more! See my responses to your interview questions below…

What was most memorable about shooting this?
The most memorable moment of the whole shoot (aside from being completely covered in corn syrup) was smushing blood into Jessica’s face. Her reaction was priceless and slightly unexpected. I’m genuinely surprised that something as silly and goofy as that would have so accurately protrayed the “psycho,blood thirsty” killers our characters demanded us to be.

Will you ever get in a tub and cover yourself in blood again?
As long as it’s not real blood, yes.

What did the blood taste like?
I think you could answer this question a bit better than I can (blood-to-the-face and all). Thankfully, I was able to avoid actually tasting the blood, but given all of the cocoa powder it took to make it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it tasted like one of Paula Deen’s amazing chocolate cakes.

It did not taste like a Paula Deen cake.


Photos by Cameron McLeod, Modeled by Dana and J Straw, Styled by J Straw.