Opening Night of Brittany Markert’s Photography

On opening night of Brittany Markert’s “In Rooms,” classical music and sunshine filled the loft-like space that is the Fuchs Projects gallery. A few photos hung individually, others as vignettes, allowing space to take in one haunting story thread after another. Markert effortlessly captures a nostalgic loneliness and a mesmerizing impermanence that resembles a memory confused with a dream. She takes her talent for telling stories one step further with her 92-page photographic narrative The Hotel Haunting, also in the exhibit. Her nude subjects exude a wake of honesty and vulnerability, but the forward emotion is an erotic playfulness, as Market often inserts herself last minute into the frame. “In Rooms” is a dizzying collection that simply must be seen in person. Fortunately, the exhibit will be at Fuchs Projects until the 26th.

“In Rooms” photographed by Brittany Markert at Fuchs Projects May 3rd thru May 26th. Markert’s prints are also available online here.