Low Fat Getting High & Porcelain Raft at BK Bazaar

In the freezing cold and snow I dragged our founder and fashion editor with me to see one of my very favorite Brooklyn bands, Low Fat Getting High, play at Brooklyn Night Bazaar. The grungy power trio performed a full set including a scorching pause-free run through of their most recent EP, Bad Yoga.

To be honest, I was not familiar with Porcelain Raft before this show, but they were a happy surprise. Their ambient indie-rock sound brings to mind a combination of Washed Out meets Diiv — synth layers combined with live guitar, bass and/or keyboards. The duo looked like scientists in a laboratory when they initially set up on stage. Their drifting melodies and reverb-washed instrumentation have a lovely swaying effect. I can imagine laying in the grass staring at the clouds or taking one of those soul-searching walks through NYC — good reflecting music.

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words/video: Madge