Lazyeyes for the Summertime

Sunny afternoons in the park need bands like Lazyeyes. Their music is an invitation to put your mind at ease, evoking memories of drives to the ocean, when the first scent of salt water tickles the hairs inside your nose holes. Their sound is very much of the West Coast variety that has been popular of late, but with a personality that is very much their own.

“Nostalgia” opens lackadaisically and immediately begs for a toe tap. Frontman Jason Abrishami’s vocals pierce thru the carefree instruments with a deadpan exasperation elevating the tone of the track from nonchalant to something sad without becoming depressing. It’s as if I could describe the track in one word… nostalgic (so appropriately titled).

“Wait” sports a more ethereal look, making me feel like I’m trying to dance in a pool of mud. Actually, it makes me wish I was stoned on the beach and floating atop the waves… Suffice to say, their self-titled debut album is perfect for Summer.

In a recent showcase at Spike Hill presented by The Deli, they ended the set with a new, unreleased track titled “Daptation.” A detour from the ocean spray vibe, the song possessed a punk realness with a bit of an edge. I look forward to hearing more along this vein, especially when New York gets cold again and I don’t want to be taunted by the memories of Summer’s pleasures.

Lazyeyes is Jason Abrishami, Paul Volpe, Jeremy Sampson, and Renan McFarland. The Takeaway: Stream their music here and check out their Facebook for when they play live (they play 285 Kent June 20).

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