Hunters Tears It Up at BK Bazaar

Brooklyn Night Bazaar has an interesting layout for concerts — its open floor spills into the rows of merchants without any containment of the crowd in front of the stage. Not to imply that this is a negative, the space does provide some much needed breathing room on occasion, but it can take away that packed-into-a-venue-punch-your-neighbor-bounce pit feel of a more standard box venue. This is generally what I blame for the relative calm crowds I’ve come across here in the past. Hunters is the first band to turn that space into a pit. Isabel Almeida is an intoxicating front women — beautiful and brimming with energy even during her most tender moments. Her intensity is almost tangible, a coiled spring just waiting for the song to explode out of her. See for yourself as Hunters tears through “Blackheart” below.


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words: Madge
video & photos: Madge & Jessica Straw