Highly Suspect Amps Up Trash Bar

Highly Suspect played Trash Bar last night, and never before have I seen a Williamsburg audience get so pumped. It was like watching the Southern crew from my youth high on apathy and boredom jumping in unison, excited for the first time, overtaken by the loud guitar, heavy drums and catchy hooks that is Highly Suspect. But with tracks like “Bath Salts,” would you expect anything less? I’m not talking the gentle nod from foot to foot you see every other night of the week but the youthful fist pumps with a garage rock influence that makes the fist pumps not so cliché.

Highly Suspect is Johnny Stevens (guitar, vocals, synth), Ryan Meyer (drums, vocals), Rich Meyer (bass, vocals). Takeaway: See them live. When: June 12 at Trash Bar, June 15 at Bar Matchless. For more dates, visit their facebook.

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