Haybaby Transcends the Usual Angst

Moody, sexy, and a little twisted, Haybaby is so much more than the typical lo-fi garage rock by eliciting the kind of reflection that comes with no longer recognizing yourself after staring too long in the mirror. “My Mother Tells Me” is so cathartic that when singer Leslie Hong yells out “Why don’t you try?”, the words evoke near euphoria (also good to know there are others out their with mommy issues). “Babies” starts out light with a dance beat, but the dark, neurotic undertones quickly prevail as manic, playful vocals take over. Hong’s voice is the kind that’s able to pierce into jaded hearts, leaving behind a wake of nostalgia.

Haybaby played a stand-out show at Death By Audio last Thursday where they debuted their newest song “What If I’m.” See photos and video below, and like their facebook page to keep up with when they play next.

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