Glockabelle Performs with Projections by Sleepy Peopl


Glockabelle (aka Annabelle Cazes) creates songs that live in the space between hysteria and sustained childhood. Her music, sung in French, is playful but emphatic and complex (most likely a result of her training as a concert pianist). The song “le KKK a pris mon bebe” features her unique brand of glockenspiel playing — with thimbles on fingertips.

“Stop! stop! (with au revoir autobus)” appears to have some noise instrument resembling thunder rumbling in the background and conjures up scenes of Anna Karenina in a Goddard film — eery and unsettling while thrillingly beautiful.

A recent performance at Glasslands was something like a public-access television program from France. Cazes started each song with telling the audience what it’s about (ie: “this song is about a washing machine”) — and it’s awesome. Projections by Sleepy Peopl (Maya Edelman & Nate Dorr) pleasurably added to the avant-garde experience.

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