Fuck Ya Let’s Party Summer Street Style

Kickin’ off the summer with booze, food and live music, Bushwick Collective and threw an all day block party off the Jefferson stop on the L train, and street style was a plenty. So many different vibrant hair colors, a slew of tanks and dresses, florals and graphic patterns, a mecca of eye candy littering the block in a patchwork of color matching the collage of graffiti covering the surrounding buildings.

BushwickCollective_SummerBlockParty2013_StreetStyle-1photo cred: Cameron McLeod BushwickCollective_SummerBlockParty2013-1 BushwickCollective_SummerBlockParty2013-2GrandResort BushwickCollective_SummerBlockParty2013_StreetStyle-2photo cred: Cameron McLeod BushwickCollective_SummerBlockParty2013-6 BushwickCollective_SummerBlockParty2013-9 BushwickCollective_SummerBlockParty2013_StreetStyle-3photo cred: Cameron McLeod BushwickCollective_SummerBlockParty2013-5