Bluffing & Big Neck Police at The Flat

Bluffing combines surf rock and shoegaze, two surging genres that have experienced an intense revival over the past several years, and coats them with melancholic operatic harmonies. Sounds great in your basement. And in your car. And at the beach. And pretty much anywhere you can be bothered to stare up at the sun and crack open a smile. You can see them Sunday, February 9th at Cake Shop & Thursday, February 20th at The Living Gallery.


Big Neck Police plays unapologetic noise rock that is made sexier by pulsing rhythms and sensual falsetto. Drawing from tried and true tropes of the avant-garde laces this trio with an oddly familiar feel in spite of their brash experimentation, but they are nevertheless a unique treasure on the modern indie circuit.


More on Bluffing : bandcamp : facebook
More on Big Neck Police: : bandcamp : facebook

words: Adam Ouriel
photos/video: Jessica Straw